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Helpful tips for students

Helpful tips for students
Australia has been a dream study destination for many students from across the world. And why not? One might ask. Australian education is globally competitive, the education providers are world class and life in Australia is exciting, interesting and fun. These are some of the most common reasons for students to choose to go to Australia to complete their further studies.
However, students still struggle when it comes to getting visa to study in Australia. Some of this may be due to their submitted documents, some due to application mistakes. Most students who come to us have the same query. What can make their application stand out? How can they be considered a genuine student? How can they have a better chance at getting visa?
We tell them the same thing. “Write a good statement of purpose.” Student who have excellent credentials may be thrown off of visa decision for the simple fact that their statement of purpose did not mention important information that it should have mentioned.
We have compiled a list of points we believe will help our students
    • Submit All Relevant Documents: A Visa Officer can only give your application so much time. Submitting all relevant documents, including your financial declarations, support documents, previous academic qualifications, work experience documents, English language certificates. Submit notarized documents of all certificates and transcripts.


    • Write an Excellent Statement of Purpose: Your statement of purpose is your way of telling the visa officer why you deserve to be given a visa to study at Australia. It is your way of giving your viewpoint and letting them know that your purpose is to study, gain the knowledge and experience you can’t get in your own country. Your statement will make the impression that will help in the decision making of whether or not you get a visa. Be clear on your statement. Mention your interested field, what you are hoping to gain during your stay in Australia and how the courses differ from the ones you get in your home country. Australian education providers and the High Commission need to get a clear picture as to why you are ready to spend so much money and time away from your home country and in Australia.


  • Do Not Write Too Long: Any Visa Officer who goes through an SOP will tell you, a long SOP will only make it hard to assess your document for them. An SOP is simply your way of clarifying your intentions to study and it is not a writeup about your life as a whole. Thus, keep your statement short, mention all relevant information and do not over-expand. All you are required to do is to make it clear to the visa officer that you are a genuine student, you have adequate backing to support you during your stay in Australia, your course is relevant to the career you wish to build in your home country, your understanding of your student visa requirements.
We all wish for your successful results and hope the above pointers helped you some.
Do come and visit us or write in to us if you need us to guide you.