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About us

Argus International is a study and career consultant based in Kathmandu, Nepal with its Corporate Office located in Melbourne, Australia and a branch office in Hobart, Tasmania.

We offer counselling services to students who wish to study in Australia. Our student
counsellors are informative, approachable and keep the interests of the student at first.
Whether a student wants to study business or automotive engineering, nursing or beauty training, environmental science or screen media production, each and every one of our counsellors offer comprehensive information to our students so that you can make the informed decisions that is right for you.


We are proud to say that we assist you from the moment you step into our offices till you land in your chosen destination and further on until you return to you home to establish the careers that you choose.”


We enjoy providing you with an all-round service. We even organize various mixers and classes for our students onshore where you can learn, socialize and share your experiences as well as your successes.

We take you and your concerns very seriously. We understand that once your decision to study abroad is final, or even when you need to decide whether abroad study is your cup of tea, you will need information to decide. This information needs to be factual and appropriate. Our Counsellors are trained to provide you with all round information for you so that you and your parents can make educated decisions on studying abroad. This competitive advantage is what sets Argus International apart from its competitors.

Argus International guides students to apply to courses and education providers they wish to study in. We give you the option to make your own decisions. We do, however, provide you with the tools and the information to make your decisions and answer all questions you may have. Many of our students are very happy with us as they are happy that their consultants are available to speak to them or answer their queries at any time, not just during their visit. Visit us and know that you are our priority until the day you are safely studying in your chosen education provider. We help you make educated decisions so education for you is not just a dream, it is a reality.

In our time of operation, we have developed strong relationships with our education providers. We have a proven record with our students for helping them to find the best courses for them and to take them one step closer to their career goals.

Education is the building block of your future and you should be the one in charge of deciding where you wish to take your career. Have dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer but couldn’t find a good course or education provider in your home city or country? Have a family business and want to study business administration and take your business to a newer standard? Do you want to work with children and watch them learn and grow and have a part in building their character? Visit us, write in to us or call us and we will guide you to forge your path ahead.

With students who visit Australia, many would be traveling for the first time away from your family and may not know how to navigate your way. Argus’s consultants are always ready to receive calls from our students. We provide you with helpful information, we listen to you, and we guide you. Should you wish to come together with other students, we organize various programs to support our students.

Argus International operates with a vision of providing quality educational and migration services to people who wish to study or work in Australia. Each client has their own unique requirements and we aspire to assist them in selecting the best university or career for them.

At Argus International, we ensure that students undergo a hassle-free admission process to their chosen university. After assessing their skills, educational and financial background, we inform them about the best educational institutions and provide up-to-date information regarding course details of Australian universities. We then help students apply for their visas successfully by providing efficient and simple solutions.

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