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Being an economically strong nation, New Zealand is primarily dominated by two cultural groups. The groups include the New Zealanders of European descent and the Maori people of the Polynesian settlers descent. Geographically, it constitutes of two main islands with many smaller ones. Majority of the population is concentrated in Wellington, the capital of NZ. When it comes to the economic mainstay- agriculture, manufacturing and tourism contribute the most. NZ is also known as a tourist destination with visitors attracted to glacier carved mountains, beaches, lakes, thermal springs, along with unique flora and fauna. Moreover, New Zealand has strong constitutionals ties and a role to play in the Pacific affairs.

  • Population – 4.5 million
  • Area – 270,534 sq km (104,454 sq miles)
  • Major languages – English, Maori
  • Major religion – Christianity
  • Currency – New Zealand dollar (UN, World Bank)